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                              The little English priestFather Brown

Created by : G.K. Chesterton(29th May 1874-14th June 1936).GK Chesterton
First Appeared in print : June 1910 in The Blue Cross, a short story. Brown is described as a frail, short, stumpy, quietly-spoken delicate man, who uses the phrase, "oh dear" often.         
First radio appearance : As late as the mid 1980s, in a BBC Radio 4 series starring the brilliantly bumbling Andrew Sachs as Father Brown.

Andrew Sachs Andrew Sachs played Father Brown on BBC radio.

Partner/Sidekick : Flambeau, a reformed criminal.

Arch Enemies : Quite often, Flambeau, who later became his partner.

Setting/Location : The recent BBC tv series has been set in a very English setting such as a quiet isolated country village.

Tv connections : In 1974 the British actor Kenneth Moore starred in 13 tv
episodes. Recently, in early 2013, actor Mark Williams has starred in 10 45minute episodes as Father Brown, broadcasted on BBC1 tv in the afternoon.

           Kenneth Moore as Father Brown on tv in the 1970s Kenneth Moore

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Theme tune : See Theme tunes page.