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                                             Poirot David Suchet as Hercule Poirot on tv

Created by : Agatha Christie(1890-1976). Poirot is one of Christie's greatest detective creations, and one of the all-time great detectives. Poirot is Belgian, not French, as is often assumed. He is a small delicate man, with small feet, a twisty moustache, and a cane. He is always well dressed and likes to take to the fresh air with a walk.

First Appeared in print : About 1920 in The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

First radio appearance :
Probably in the mid 1940s, but more recently in the 1990s on BBC Radio 4 by radio actor John Moffat, below. John Moffat's delicate Belgian accent is perfect for a radio audience.

John Moffat  John Moffat(1922-2012) played Poirot on BBC radio.

Partner/Sidekick :
Simon Williams has also played the part as Hastings on BBC radio. Poirot has a valet George. Miss Lemon(below) was added as his secretary in the tv productions to give the stories more balance.
          Miss Lemon Pauline Moran as Miss Lemon in the ITV tv productions.

Arch Enemies :  None as such, as each story was independent.    

Setting/Location :
Christie moved Poirot's location around from London to Cornwall, in England, but even as far afield as the Nile river (Death on the Nile), Egypt, and Mesopotamia. Poirot's London home was 28 Whitehaven Mansions.

Tv connections : Poirot is probably more famous on tv due to the brilliant portrayal by actor David Suchet in the ITV productions. Poirot has been played on film by Charles Laughton and by Peter Ustinov.

Hugh Fraser played Poirot's bumbling posh assistant, Hastings, on tv. Hastings

Theme tune : Click to hear Poirot theme tune