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                                         Inspector Morse
Created by : Colin Dexter, OBE 1930-2017
                           Colin Dexter Colin Dexter, creator of Morse.          
First Appeared in print : In Last Bus to Woodstock, 1975. Morse likes good wine, real ale, classic cars and classical music. He loves his Jaguar car. He is portrayed as a rather miserable character, intellectual, with a good memory.

First radio appearance :
In the early 1990s.

Partner/Sidekick : DI Lewis, played by Kevin Whately(below, right) on tv.
Arch Enemies : Often university based, such as lecturers or students, as the setting is in a university town.

Setting/Location : Oxford, Oxfordshire, normally around the University campus.

Tv connections : Morse has been played by John Thaw on tv in the ITV productions. He is probably more famous for his tv appearances than his radio episodes.

              John Thaw andMorse and Lewis Kevin Whately in the ITV tv series

Theme tune :