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    Inspector Scott

Created by
Radio producer John P. Wynn.

First Appeared in print

First radio appearance : The series ran from 1957-1963 on the BBC Light Programme. During the programme a crime was committed, then Scott and his sidekick, DS Bingham, interviewed a few suspects, then while music played,
there was a short intermission while listeners were given time to work out "whodunit". Unfortunately it is difficult to locate any recordings that have survived from that period.
Derek Guyler  Derek Guyler who played Inspector Scott on the BBC Light Programme.
Guyler was more famous for his comedy tv parts.                 

Partner/Sidekick : Detective Sergeant Bingham.
Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : London

Tv connections : Guyler starred in the politically-incorrect tv series, Please Sir, as a janitor, in the early 1970s.

Theme tune: