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                               sleuth Marple 4.50 from Paddington               

Created by : Dame Agatha Christie(1890-1976). Christie worked as a pharmacist during the First World War, often handling drugs and poisons. She later used this knowledge in both her Marple and Poirot stories, where poisoning is often the killer's method.
                                            Dame Agatha Christie Dame Agatha Christie

First Appeared in print : In a short story in The Sketch magazine in 1926. One of the truly great detective creations. The absent-minded Miss Marple is deceptively sharp at catching her cunning murderers.

First radio appearance : Surprisingly, Miss Marple only appeared on radio as late as 1993 in Murder at the Vicarage, played by
comedy actress June Whitfield(pictured above,under "Homepage"), although many film versions were done in the 1960s starring stage actress Dame Margaret Rutherford.

Partner/Sidekick : Stringer Davis was her assistant in the 1960s films, but she had no real partner in the radio adaptations.

                                            Stringer Davis Stringer Davis

Arch Enemies : None, in particular, as each story was independent.

Setting/Location : Usually a classic creepy old country house, or quiet country village.

Tv connections : Miss Marple has been performed a lot more on tv than on radio, by actresses like Joan Hickson and Geraldine
McEwan in the BBC tv adaptations.

More recently Julia Mackenzie has played Marple on tv.Radio Times Julia MacKenzie

Theme tune : Miss Marple theme tune