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Created by : Leslie Charteris(1907-1993) who was half Chinese, half English.

Leslie Charteris, creator of the Saint.

First Appeared in print
.: In the 1920s in Meet the Tiger.

First radio appearance :The Saint appeared on foreign radio stations like Radio Athlone
and NBC back in the 1940s. Recently, in 1995, Paul Rhys
played the part on radio (with a slight Welsh accent!).

Partner/Sidekick :  The Saint was often accompanied by a pretty girl to add a touch of glamour to the stories.

Arch Enemies : From international oil sheiks, nuclear scientists, mad professors, assassins, and backstreet hoodlums - the Saint tackled them all.

Setting/Location : Varied, from the south of France to South America, but often set in London. He is often seen in a casino, an art gallery, international airport, or plush hotel. It is these locations where his adventures usually start.

Tv connections : Roger Moore starred as The Saint in the highly successful British tv series of the 1960s.

                                                    Simon Templar

In the 1970s ITC made Return of The Saint with Ian Ogilvy which wasn't a great success, and the tv role is always identified with Roger Moore as the definitive Saint. Later, Moore went on to star as James Bond on film in the 1970s.

Theme tune : Edwin Astley's great 1960s tv tune Saint theme tv tune