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Created by : PD(Phyllis Dorothy) James(1920-2014 ), life peer in the House of
Lords, was born in Oxford, the daughter of a civil servant. After a career as a health service administrator, she eventually oversaw 5 psychiatric clinics. She began writing seriously in the mid 1950s, composing parts of her first novel, while commuting to work. James also created the female private detective Cordelia Grey. James wrote her novels by hand and then dictated the words onto tape because she never liked modern technology.                    
                                   PD James, creator of Dalgliesh.

First Appeared in print :
In 1962 in Cover her Face. Dalgliesh is described as "tall, dark, and handsome", suave, cerebral, and likes writing poetry. However, it was Innocent Blood in 1980 that really shot James to stardom. "Monday, I was ticking along as usual, and by Friday I was a millionaire," she once said. In all she wrote 14 Adam Dalgliesh novels. James's experience in the NHS and the Home Office gave her the background for many of her plots.

First radio appearance :
As late as the 1990s on BBC Radio 4, now called BBC Radio 4 Xtra.

Partner/Sidekick :  Unlike most radio detectives,Dalgliesh has had several different partners, Detective Seargent Martin, in Cover her Face, Detective Seargent Masterson, Chief Inspector Massingham, his first permanent partner, and DI Kate Miskin.

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : Usually very atmospheric, like a lighthouse community or an isolated farmhouse in the Norfolk fens area of East Anglia.

Tv connections : During the mid 1980s many of James's stories were adapted for the tv network by Anglia tv with Roy Marsden as Inspector Adam Dalgliesh (see picture under "Homepage").

Theme tune :