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Created by : Francis Durbridge (1912-1998), creating one of the, if not the, greatest radio detectives of all time. Durbridge was born in Hull.

                                    Francis Durbridge Francis Durbridge, creator of Paul Temple.   

First Appeared in print : For the BBC radio series,. see below.

First radio appearance :
In Send for Paul Temple in 1938, for BBC radio. Most famously played by dulcet-toned RADA trained actor Peter Coke. Temple was a Fleet street journalist turned private-eye, who, with the help of his wife, often helped Scotland Yard.

Peter CokePeter Coke as Paul Temple on radio.

Temple has also been played by Crawford Logan and Canadian-English actor Barry Morse. But, for most listeners the part belongs in history to Coke.                                              
Unlike Poirot or Holmes, Temple didn't use logic or deduction, just sheer determination and energy, driving forward in each episode to catch the villan. His counterplay with Steve, his wife, is what really made the series so successfull, and captured such a wide radio audience. Inevitably, in the final episode of every story, Temple would arrange a dinner or drinks party for all his guests and finally reveal the guilty character.

Temple's famous catchphrase was "By Timothy!" Although the settings and dialogue are now dated for modern listeners, Temple still stands as one of the really great radio detective creations.

Partner/Sidekick :
Steve, his posh wife, played by actress Marjorie Westbury.
Steve, is to Temple what Watson was to Holmes. She showed great feminine emotion and tenderness, in contrast to her husband, but at the same time could be stubborn, resolute, when angry or in danger. The duet between Temple and Steve appealed to the radio listeners of the time.Temple just
wouldn't work without her.

There's also Charlie, Temple's humble young Cockney manservant, who sometimes forgets himself and answers to one of Temple's requests with "Okey dokey, Guv !"

Margery Westbury Margery Westbury played Steve, Paul Temple's wife on radio.