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                                          Teahouse Detective

Created by : Baroness Emma Orczy(1865-1947), who also created The Scarlet Pimpernel. She also wrote Lady Molly of Scotland Yard in 1910, which is a predecessor to The Old Man in the Corner.

                                    Baroness Orczy   Lyons teahouse

First Appeared in print : In 1909 as The Old Man in the Corner.

First radio appearance :
On BBC radio as The Teahouse Detective in 1998, played by stage actor Bernard Hepton(below).

Bernard Hepton

Partner/Sidekick : Polly, a journalist who asks for his help in solving crimes and buys him tea and cakes, played by Suzanne Burdon in the radio series on BBC radio.   

Arch Enemies : None, in particular, as each story was independent and set inside a teahouse.

Setting/Location : An ABC (Lyons) teahouse in the Strand in London, where The Teahouse Detective ponders his cases.

Tv connections : In the early 1970s Thames tv produced a series with Judy Geeson(more associated with tv comedies) as Polly.

Theme tune :