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Ian Rankin

Created by : Although Rebus is Scottish, he is included here because he's one of the modern classic British gritty detectives that have appeared on both radio and tv.

Scottish writer Ian Rankin created Detective Inspector John Rebus, the rough, gruff, urban detective with the coarse Fife accent.

Ian Rankin Ian Rankin(1960- )

William Mcllvanney William Mcllvanney(1936-2015 )

First Appeared in print
.: 1987 when Rankin was supposed to be writing his PhD at Edinburgh University. Rankin says that he was heavily influenced in his writing by William Mcllvanney(1936-2015). Mcllvanney is describred as the Godfather of "tartan noir", and created the rough, gruff, tough, Scottish detective Laidlaw. Many critics say that Rebus is based on Laidlaw.

First radio appearance : In 2010 with Ron Donachie

Partner/Sidekick : In the tv series DS Siobhan Clarke, played by Claire Price.

Claire Price Claire Price

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : In and around Edinburgh.

Tv connections : Ken Stott(below left) as Rebus on tv, adapted by Danny Boyle.

Ken Stott    John Hannah John Hannah as Rebus


The tv series is more famous than the radio series, and really helped to popularise this tough urban detective, the part being first played by John Hannah(above right) and later by Ken Stott(above left).

Theme tune :