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    The Avengers

Created by :
A radio version was made in the early 1970s in Capetown in South African, starring English actors Donald Monat & Diane Appleby, but unfortunately, as yet, there hasn't been an English radio version produced.

First Appeared in print
.: In the early 1960s as scripts for tv .

The Avengers

First radio appearance : Early 1970s, but in a English language South African production. These half-hour radio episodes were later converted to hour-long English tv episodes in the 60s.

Partner/Sidekick : Emma Peel, played by Diane Appleby, and produced for radio in South Africa in the mid 1970s. Later, Diana Rigg(1938-2020) in the English tv series.

                                          Diane Appleby
Arch Enemies : Spy orientated, megalomaniacs, who use modern electronics to achieve their nasty goals. The Cybernauts is a classic example, where robotics killers are programmed to kill Mrs Peel, Steed, and others who get in the way. See also The Positive Negative Man episode produced for tv.

Setting/Location : Often isolated, eerie locations. One episode, Castle D'eath, is set in an isolated sinister Scottish castle where Steed and Mrs Peel are trapped- a typical Avengers setting. A lot of episodes were set around the desirable parts of swinging 1960s London.

Tv connections :
The very famous 1960s tv series with Diana Rig and Patrick Magnee(1922-2015), as the duo was a big success, and is still being shown on tv. The series began in black and white, but changed to colour by the late 1960s.

                                 Dianna Rig Diana Rigg as Emma Peel on 1960s tv.
In the mid 1970s a New Avengers tv series appeared, with Peel being replaced by Purdey(Joanna Lumley), and another character being added, Gambit(Gareth Hunt).

Theme tune : 
The Avengers theme tune used for the tv series