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Created by : John Creasey(1908-1973)John Creasey Creasey was prolific, writing over 600 novels, and one of his creations was Inspector (Roger) West which many say emerged from his Grice (of the Yard) in his Toff books, written in the late 1930s. Creasey often wrote under an alias/pseudonym(see TV connections, below).
Creasey was awarded the MBE for his services to literature. It's said that Creasey was so prolific that he wrote more books than any other author alive, or dead.

First Appeared in print : In Inspector West takes Charge in 1942.

First radio appearance : 1967 when 6 of Creasey's novels were adapted
for radio.
The mellow-toned Patrick Allen, who was famous for tv commercials, starred as West,with Sarah Lawson. Maurice Travers adapted the novels for radio.Creasey also created The Toff, a posh amateur sleuth, who has also appeared on radio.
   Patrick Allen Velvet voiced Patrick Allen - Inspector West on 1960s radio.

Partner/Sidekick : Sarah Lawson Sarah Lawson, appeared with Patrick Allen in the 1960s radio episodes of Inspector West, as his wife. She was also his real wife.

Arch Enemies : Korosian, who seemed to be involved in all types of evil plots, from drugs to murder.

Setting/Location : West lives in Bell Street, Chelsea, in London.

Tv connections : Because he was so prolific, Creasey also wrote works for tv, such as the Gideon's Way thriller detective series for tv in the early 1960s. He also wrote some of The Baron episodes for ITV in the later 1960s, under an alias.

Theme tune : The Gideon's Way tv series theme tune from the 1960s.