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   Daunt & Dervish

Created by
Guy Meredith.

First Appeared in print
.: 2003.

First radio appearance : Stars Frances Barber(left) as Susan Dervish and Anna
Massey(right, 1937-2011) as Josephine Daunt. Daunt is Cambridge educated and a former Special Operations Executive. Dervish is logical and practical, and together they make a formidable detective team. They first appeared as a duo during Womens Hour on BBC Radio 4. The series has been repeated since then BBC Radio4Xtra. They operate as private detectives and love taking on challenging cases.                                                                                                              
                                            Daunt and Dervish                                                     

Partner/Sidekick : Bill Mackie, a former private detective, and also a slight love interest to the two ladies.
Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location :
London, a few years after WW11, often featuring the bomb sites of the war as a background for their cases.

Tv connections : No tv series has yet been made.

Theme tune :