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Created by
David Ashton(right, under "Homepage") for BBC Radio 4.
First Appeared in print : 1999/2000.

First radio appearance :
About 1999/2000, with Brian Cox as McLevy. This brusque, rough, Scottish detective catches his criminals by visiting the dives, brothels, and docks of Edinburgh. No fancy forensics here, just grim street detective work by McLevy, who, we are told, somtimes samples the delights of the brothels he visits, and certainly does like "a wee dram".
Partner/Sidekick : Jean Brash, a brothel keeper, played by Siobhan Redmond, below, left. Brash helps McLevy with her "inside" knowledge of her customers. It's implied that she too works in the brothel itself, but has slightly higher morals than the rest of the working girls.

             Siobhan Redmond                         Redmond Cox

Arch Enemies :
Edinburgh's 19th century tavern and street low-life.

Setting/Location : The grim, dark,smoky, smelly, sidebars, docks, brothels, and unlit dodgy streets of poor Victorian Edinburgh, a world away from the posh nightclubs of Paul Temple. McLevy's grim locations sets the tone of the whole series.

Tv connections : McLevy hasn't yet converted to a tv series.

Theme tune :