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Created by : Ellis Peters(real name Edith Pargeter(1913-1995), OBE, who was born
in Shropshire, near Wales, where Cadfael is set. Peters was also a linguist.

Ellis Peters Ellis Peters

First Appeared in print : Between 1997 and 1994. Cadfael is a monk of many
talents, a doctor, pharmicist, medical examiner and Welsh sleuth. He's first described as barrel-chested, bandy-legged and 57.

First radio appearance :
First played by Glyn Houston(below) and then by Philip Madoc(above) on BBC Radio 4, later to become Radio 4 Xtra.

                                                        Glyn Houston
Partner/Sidekick : Maiden Saint Winifre, for whom he has a special affection. Also young Brother Oswin.
Arch Enemies : .

Setting/Location: Shrewsbury Abbey, Shrewsbury, in England, in the 12th century, during the reign of King Stephen.

Tv connections : Cadfael has been played on tv by Sir Derek Jacobi(below).

Derek Jacobi Cadfael

Theme tune:  Cadfael tune