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Created by : Nick Fisher for BBC Radio 4.

                           Julie Enfield Imelda Staunton plays fiesty Julie Enfield on radio.

First Appeared in print : 1994

First radio appearance :
On BBC Radio 4, 1994, in Terminus in 5 episodes.

Partner/Sidekick :  Lawrence Evans, her assistant detective, and Julie's sickly, grumpy old father.

Arch Enemies : Cunning psychopaths who are often tech savvy, such as in The Leaves of the Dead.

Setting/Location : London. Nick Fisher's settings are very atmospheric. In some episodes, Enfield has to go down the London sewers, or the underwater canal network. In the Smithfield Murders she gets trapped inside a cold storage freezer by the killer - perfect for a radio audience.

Tv connections : No tv versions have yet been made -but should be.

Theme tune : The atmospheric BBC radio Julie Enfield theme tune