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Created by : Michael Gilbert.
                                 Petrella Patrick Petrella

First Appeared in print :Inspector Patrick Petrella is an Oxbridge educated detective. He's half Spanish and half English.

Philip Jackson   Petrella as Petrella

First radio appearance :
1999 on BBC Radio 4. Each story is self contained. The series ran on radio till 2001.
Partner/Sidekick : His Argentinian wife who teaches the tango in her classroom above a butcher's shop.

Arch Enemies : The low-life of London.

Setting/Location : He works at Patton Road Police station in South London, just after the Second World War. Often set around London's
foggy docklands.

Tv connections : Philip Jackson has played Chief Inspector Japp in ITV's creation of Poirot.

Theme tune :