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Created by : Former teacher, John Harvey(1938- John Harvey

First Appeared in print
.: Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick first appeared in print in 1989, in Lonely Hearts, which was named by the Times as one of the top 100 crime novels. About a dozen Resnick novels have been written. Resnick loves jazz and blues. Harvey's stories often have a mulit-racial element. He's described as middle-aged.
                                                           lonely hearts
First radio appearance : About 1989. On BBC radio, comedy actor Keith Barron has played the jazz-loving, exotic sandwich eating detective.

Partner/Sidekick : DI Lynn Kellog, who is much younger, and with whom he lives.
Arch Enemies : The police force is 100% white, whilst the criminals on the street are Turks, Romanians, blacks, Asians, etc. - giving the novels a racial slant.

Setting/Location : The unexpected Midlands city of Nottingham.

Tv connections : Movies for tv were made in 1992 based on Lonely Hearts and Rough Treatment, starring Tom Wilkinson.
                                    Tom Wilkinson Tom Wilkinson

Theme tune :