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Full episodes of some of the great radio detectives that have aired on English radio.
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1. Adam Dalgliesh
Cover her face, episode 1

2. Baldi
A very neglected fish

3. Inspector Carr
Gates to death
4. Dick Barton
The Cabatolin Diamonds

5. Dr Fell
The Mad Hatter Mystery

6. The Teahouse Detective
The Metropolitan Line Murder

7. Petrella
Death Watch

8. Julie Enfield
Terminus Episode 1

9. Mrs Bradley
Speedy Death

10. Inspector West
Inspector West-TerrorFor a Bride

11. Dr Morelle
The Poisoned Heir

12. Father Brown
The Blue Cross

13. Sexton Blake
Sexton Blake and the time killer 1-13

14. PC 49
On the beat with PC 49 - BBC

15. McLevy
Series 8 The Last Illusion

16. Sherlock Holmes
New Year's Eve off The Scilly Isles

17. DCI Stone
The Bridge

18. Sherlock Holmes
A Study in Scarlet 1974 Robert Powell