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Created by : Ian Fleming(1908-1964) who was an author, journalist, and intelligence officer in the British Navy.
                                               Ian Fleming                         

First Appeared in print
.: In the mid 1950s in short stories and novels.

First radio appearance : Surprisingly the part was first played on radio by quiz host Bob Holness! Bond has also been acted on the radio by Michael Jayston(in photo).James Bond

Partner/Sidekick : Miss Moneypenny his sexy office secretary who often sent Bond off on his dangerous missions while flirting with him at the same time. Naturally, Bond, is usually accompanied by a glamourous girl, such as Pussy Galore(Honor Blackman) in the classic Goldfinger. Another famous Bond girl in Goldfinger is Jill Masterson played by Shirley Eaton.

Honor Blackman(left, above) Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore. Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny, (right, above) the sexy secretary(Lois Maxwell).

Shirley Eaton Golden girl-Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson in Goldfinger.

Arch Enemies :

                     Auric Goldfinger One of Bond's evil enemies. Megalomaniacs who want world domination, power, such as the classic Auric Goldfinger(above), and his bowler hat-throwing bodyguard, Japanese karate expert Odd Job(below).
Odd job
Setting/Location : Exotique locations like the Carribean beaches, the casinos of the south of France, or, as in From Russia with Love, behind the Iron Curtain, which are now more commonly known as the Communist countries of eastern Europe.

Tv connections : Diamonds are Forever and Goldfinger were adapted
in documentary form by the BBC in the early 1970s in their Omnibus series.

Theme tune
: One of the greatest theme tunes ever written was penned
by Monty Norman
and orchestrated for guitar by the great film composer John Barry(1933-2011).

                                           Play classic Bond guitar theme