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Created by : Val McDermid(below), a Scottish crime writer(1955- ). She worked for 2 years on the Daily Record in Glasgow, and covered the Yorkshire Ripper case in the 1970s. It's this tough background that gives her novels a stark, gritty, realistic street feel. After being made redundant, from The People newspaper, McDermid decided to use her real-life crime experience to create Kate Brannigan.

                                    Val McDermidVal McDermid

First Appeared in print : Appeared in book form in 1992 in Dead Beat.Brannigan is described as 5 foot 3 inches tall. She had been a partner at Manchester-based Mortensen and Brannigan. Brannigan now works as a PI.

First radio appearance : The part has been played on radio by actress Charlotte Coleman(below).

                                                      Kate Brannigan

Partner/Sidekick : DCI Della Prentice, and a boyfriend called Richard Barclay, who is a rock journalist, whom she lives next door to. He's obessed with chinese food, and often staggers home drunk. She also has a good friend, Sarah Blackstone,  a crime reporter.

Arch Enemies : The underworld of nitty-gritty crime- drug traffikers, child molesters, and pornographers.

Setting/Location : Manchester, although Brannigan is actually from Oxford. In Clean Break the story moves to the Continent as Brannigan boards a North Sea ferry in pursuit of a tracking device fitted to a suspects valueable antique.

Tv connections : BBC tv Casualty actress Jane Hazelgrove(below), who played the part of paramedic Dixie, also portrayed the part of detective Kate Brannigan on BBC radio in 1999.


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