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Created by : An escapist adventure series and forerunner of James Bond, Dick Barton was postwar Britian's most popular drama series, running on the BBC Light Programme for five seasons, between 1946 and 1951. It aired each weekday evening and had a huge daily audience of nearly 20 million listeners. It can be regarded as one of the truly great English radio adventure series. The series was not, strictly speaking, a radio detective, but followed the adventures of ex-commando Captain Richard Barton MC.
                                  Dick Barton
First Appeared in print : Never appeared in book form, only as radio scripts. Edward J Mason wrote the first episode of Dick Barton - Special Agent, for the BBC Light Programme, in 1946.
First radio appearance : 1946, as above. Barton was eventually killed off to make way for the Archers in the early 1950s.
Partner/Sidekick : Snowy White, an old friend from army days, and Jock Anderson.

Arch Enemies : No particular arch enemy, just villians who varied from show to show.

Setting/Location : Typically escapist, varied, like an underground mineshaft, a disused airfield, dockyard at night, or mountain clifftop.

Tv connections : In 1979 Southern Television made a tv series which ran on the ITV network.

Theme tune:
Click to hear classic Dick Barton tune (The Devil's Gallop)