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Created by : Detective Chief Inspector William Edward "Jack" Frost was created by RD Wingfield(1928-2007). Wingfiel is known for his very atmospheric thrillers, which have often been adapted for radio audiences, such as the brilliant Journey into Fear.

                         RD Wingfield RD Wingfield, creator of Frost.

                                      David Jason David Jason as Frost on tv.

First Appeared in print : Wingfield published 6 novels about Frost starting with Frost at Christmas in 1984. Unusually, the novels appeared after Frost on the radio.

First radio appearance :
On BBC Radio 4 in Three Days of Frost in 1977 played by Leslie Sands. In the second series Frost was played by Derek Martin.

                                Leslie Sands Leslie Sands in the 1970s on radio as Jack Frost.

Partner/Sidekick : In the tv series his colleague was George Toolan.

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : Denton in Manchester.

Tv connections : In 1992 ITV created a series called A Touch of Frost starring David Jason which has been hugely successful. Frost actually dies in the last tv episode.

Theme tune :