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Created by : Earnest Dudley(1908-2006), an English actor, screenwriter, journalist and novelist.

First Appeared in print :
During the Second World War for a BBC Light programme called Monday Night at Eight. The curmudgeonly, sarcastic, Harley Street
psychiatrist was concieved, apparently, in 1942 during an air raid.

First radio appearance :
  On BBC Light Radio in WWII in "Monday Night at Eight". Morelle was played by husky-voiced comedy film actor Cecil Parker(1897-1971).
                            Cecil Parker  Cecil Parker Shelia Sim  Shelia Sim

Partner/Sidekick : Miss Frayle his secretary, played on the radio by the film actress Shelia Sim. She is described as "feather brained", delicate, yet loyal and hard working, but often suffers the wrath of Morelle's short temper. She often hinders Morelle as much as she helps him, much to his disdain.
                                                       Dr Morelle

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : As a tribute to Sherlock Holmes, Morelle's office is situated at 221b Harley Street(Holmes's address was 221b Baker Street).

Tv connections : Dr Morelle has not transferred to tv.

Theme tune : Dr Morelle theme tune