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               Sexton Blake   Sexton Blake                   

Created by : Harry Blyth(   -1898).       

First Appeared in print : About 1893 in The Halfpenny Marvel.

First radio appearance:January 1939, in Enter Sexton Blake, played by
George Curzon. See below as well.

Partner/Sidekick : Tinker Bell, and Blake later had another assistant,
Pedro, a bloodhound, who was his faithful companion.

Arch Enemies : George Plummer, Waldo the Wonderman, and Zenith the Albino.      
Setting/Location : These were always varied to keep the stories interesting - from the streets of London, to the Scottish
Highlands, or the Essex marshes.

Tv connections : 1967 on ITV Thames Television, starring Laurence Payne as Blake. Unfortunately, Payne suffered a serious injury in one of his tv performances, and lost an eye. On tv, Roger Foss played the part of Tinker. Also, a sexy secretary was introduced, Paula Dane, to capture the tv audiences of the 1960s.

Theme tune :
Blake does not have a specific theme tune.

Sexton Blake who was often described as the "poor man's Sherlock Holmes", and was a big hit on stage, screen and radio. Unfortunately, his radio shows have not been well preserved or broadcasted. Just like Sherlock Holmes, Blake had an assistant, side-kick, Tinker, a young man who called him "guvnor", and a secretary called Paula Dane. Also, like Holmes, Blake worked with a real detective, Chief Inspector Coutts, a dependable but unimaginative bowler-hatted, plain-clothes policeman of stocky build and ruddy complexion. Blake had a housekeeper called Mrs Mardell, whereas Holmes' housekeeper was Mrs Hudson.

In January 1939 BBC Radio broadcast a serial called Enter Sexton Blake with George Curzon starring as Blake and Brian Lawrence as Tinker, followed in March 1940 by A Case for Sexton Blake which was adapated for radio by Francis Durbridge (creator of Paul Temple).

In 1967, BBC Radio 4 aired a popular series of Sexton Blake radio adventures starring the sauve, mellow-toned, William Franklyn as Blake, David Gregory as Tinker, and Heather Chasen  as Blake's secretary, Paula Dane. Aired on Thursday nights at 7.00pm, this series was scripted by Donald Stuart, devised for radio by Philip Ridgeway, and produced by veteran BBC radio producer Alastair Scott-Johnston.