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   Billy Rucker

Created by : Adam Baron created this gritty, unique, street-smart ex-policeman turned PI. Baron's works are a rejection of the standard whodunnit.
First Appeared in print
.: In Shut Eye 1999. Other works include Hold back the Night, Superjack, and It was you.

First radio appearance : Ex-copper Billy Rucker has been played on BBC radio by David Morrissey. david morrissey

Partner/Sidekick :
Rucker could not work with an assistant because he's too independent, a loner.
Arch Enemies : London's low-life, street-wise criminals, junkies, hookers and pimps.

Setting/Location :
The grim, stark, seedy side of London. Rucker is often              searching for missing people in the world of prostitutes or drug addicts in the dingy, night world of the urban city, as in the classic Shut Eye. Some of the stories are set around the squalid, shady London's Kings Cross railway area. Rucker walks the streets at night, blending in with the junkies and beggars. He carries a camera. He's the ultimate urban noir detective.

Tv connections :
This radio detective would be perfect for a tv conversion, but, as yet, none has been done.

Theme tune : Rucker's music is the noise of the urban city.