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                                            THE TOFF
Created by : The Toff was created by prolific British author John Creasey (1908-73). Creasey used countless pseudonyms during his career, and wrote hundreds of books. He also created The Baron, which appeared on tv in the 1960s(see below), and Gideon of Scotland Yard.

                                             John Creasey

First Appeared in print
.: In the late 1930s. "Toff" defined as "idle rich man of the upper classes". He's cast as a wealthy bachelor who seeks adventure.

Terence Alexander
Terence Alexander(1923-2009) played The Toff, Sir Richard Rollinson, on radio. Alexander's upper-class voice was perfect as the posh sleuth.

First radio appearance : The Toff and the runaway bride(1975) and The Toff on the Farm(1977).

Partner/Sidekick : Jolly, Rollinson's valet. also, Bill Ebbut, who runs a boxing gym and Lady Gloria Hurst, Rollinson's aunt.

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : The countryside, and country estates but often goes to the shadier parts of the East End of London in pursuit of his criminals. Also lives at his flat in Mayfair.

Tv connections : Film versions of the Toff have been made, but they are seldom seen on tv.
The Baron, another Creasey creation, starring American actor Steve Forrest, was a big hit tv series in the 1960s.

Theme tune :