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Created by
Reginald Hill(1936-2012) Reginald Hill created these two rough, gruff,
no nonsense, Yorkshire detectives.

First Appeared in print

First radio appearance :No acted version yet, but there have been radio readings of some of the novels, done by Philip Jackson.

Partner/Sidekick : Colin Buchanan Colin Buchanan, the cultured DI Peter Pascoe on tv.
Arch Enemies : Ordinary folk. Hill, the creator, makes the stories very realistic by having "normal" folk as the criminals in his storylines, adding to the realism.

Setting/Location : Yorkshire based.

Tv connections : The tv series has been very popular on BBC tv with Warren Clarke
as the grumpy, belching, Dalziel (pronounced "Dee- el"),and Colin Buchanan(above) as Pascoe. The series is currently being repeated on the Drama channel, but was originally screened on the early 1990s.
Warren Clarke as grumpy, boozy, fag-smoking DS Andy Dalziel.Warren Clarke

Clarke plays the part brilliantly on tv , as the dinosaur detective, who's not much into theory and conjecture, but believes in hard facts -and using his fists ! Dalziel is fat, lazy, and has an old-fashioned attitude towards women - making him the ideal foil for the better educated Pascoe. The vulgar, loud, rude, heavy-drinking Dalziel is a complete contrast to his intellectual sidekick detective , Peter Pascoe.
Theme tune :