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Tv programmes that have evolved from their radio counterparts.
Here is  list of some of the best episodes/series:

1. Sherlock Holmes   A Scandal in Bohemia - Holmes at his best on 1980s tv, with Jeremy Brett. 

2. Miss Marple  Murder at the Vicarage ITV, mid 1980s.
Joan Hickson in one of the all time classics of detective fiction.

3. Jack Frost with David Jason Paying the Price ITV
Dalziel and Pascoe
    For Love nor Money

5. Albert Campion from the late 1980s with Peter Davidson. You will need to sign in to YouTube for this one.
Campion. Mystery Mile Part 1

6. Inspector Alleyn from the 1980s.
A man lay Dead

7. Inspector Morse on tv - classic episode.
Last Bus to Woodstock - actually a audio only production , done for radio.

8. The Saint.
Classic tv episode from the mid 1960s - The Inescapable Word.