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Created by : CRC studios, South Africa, and later Springbok radio, from 1956 till the mid 1980s. This series was sponsored by the Epic Oil company. Although produced in South Africa, the actors were English and the dialogue was in English, so Inspector Carr can be considered as an English radio detective.

                                  English actor Hugh Rouse- the most famous Inspector Carr.
                                  Hugh Rouse    

First Appeared in print : Never appeared in book form, only as radio scripts.

First radio appearance : 1957

Partner/Sidekick : Unusually, had none.   

Arch Enemies : No particular arch enemy, just villians who varied from show to show.

Setting/Location :

Tv connections : A short lived tv series was made by SABC in the early 1980s, but the series was a disaster because it didn't transfer well from radio to tv.

Theme tune : Jingle during the broadcast