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Created by : Dorothy L Sayers(13th June 1893-17th December 1957).
                                               Dorothy L Sayers      

First Appeared in print : The posh-talking upper-class detective first made his appearance in 1923 in Whose Body? British gentleman detective Lord Peter Wimsey features in a number of detective novels and short stories by English crime writer, Dorothy L Sayers. Classy and sharp-witted, aristocratic amateur sleuth Lord Peter (Bredon) Wimsey was born in 1890 and educated at Eton and Oxford, before serving in the military during the First World War. Although he is upper class, "posh", Lord Peter doesn't mind getting his hands dirty when it comes to things like car mechanics and digging in the garden. He likes to get "stuck in".
                                             Lord Peter Wimsey

First radio appearance : Ian Carmichael played the part from 1973 to 1983 in the BBC radio broadcasts. Carmichael's clipped posh tones were ideal for a radio audience. The radio part of Wimsey has also been played by Gary Bond (1940-1995), below, in Whose Body?

Gary Bond

Some of the radio adaptations were made by Alistair Beaton.

Partner/Sidekick : Bunter, his trusty butler/valet, and his assistant detective, rather bumbling at times, but good, honest, and with a genuine care for his master in times of danger. Bunter was acted on radio by Peter Jones. Bunter loves shaving his master, and offering supporting advice.
                                         Wimsey+valet Bunty         
Arch Enemies : None in particular.

Setting/Location : Varied, from the Scottish Highlands, sleepy Hertfordshire, or continental Europe. The stories are set around the early to mid 1930s, and references are often made back to the Great 1914-1918 War. Wimsey often gets caught up in an adventure whilst he's travelling around the country with Bunter.

Tv connections : Ian Carmichael(left, in above photo) in the 1970s BBC tv adaptations. Recently, Carmichael has also appeared in the ITV medical series The Royal as a consultant doctor.

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