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Albert Campion

Created by
Margery Allingham(1904-1966).Unfortunately, although there was a tv series made by the BBC, there hasn't been a significant radio series of Albert Campion made yet.

Margery Allingham
Margery Allingham

First Appeared in print
.: In a series of short stories and novels. The Crime at Black Dudley(1929) is regarded as the first real Campion story. Campion is nerdy, with glasses.

First radio appearance : On the BBC Home Service in 1965, with Richard Hurdnall as Campion, and Hamlyn Benson as Lugg.                                

Partner/Sidekick : Magersfontein Lugg, his faithful valet, chauffeur and ex burglar, and real Cockney.

Arch Enemies :

Setting/Location : Urban London or remote country houses in the 1930s.
    Albert Campion   Above a police station.

Tv connections : A 1 hour tv show in 1968 called Detective starred Brian Smith as Campion and George Sewell as Lugg. Peter Davidson(below) has also played Campion on tv on the BBC.
                                            Peter Davidson  Albert Campion

Theme tune :